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This series is about what we can expect in our journey and how to maintain a positive outlook and trust in God throughout the course.  



A series on building lasting traditions to keep Christ in Christmas.

Dec 16, 2018

Tradition of Contentment

Preacher: Pastor Gary D. Bailey

Keywords: bailey, christ, christmas, content, contentment, food and clothing, foundation church, free, god, great gain, greed, happy, in christ, in jesus, jesus, jesús, learn, learning, love of money, material things, materialism, message, pastor gary bailey, paul, satisfied, sermon, stafford va, to be, tradition, traditions, in whatever state, in god, with what you have, in any condition, in every circumstance, despite the circumstances, gary d

Dec 09, 2018

Tradition of Reconciliation and Peace

Preacher: Pastor Gary D. Bailey

Keywords: bitterness, broken, christ, christmas, fixed, fixing, forgive, forgiveness, foundation church, gary d. bailey, healing, jesus, jesús, let go, letting go, mended, mending, ministry, offenses, pastor gary bailey, peace, peacemaker, prince of peace, reconciliation, relationships, resentment, restoration, restored, stafford va, tradition, traditions, unforgiveness, get reconciled, make peace, take initiative, good will to men



Series on the importance of leaving legacy by passing on your faith.

Nov 25, 2018

Legacy of Godliness

Preacher: Daiva Hubbard

Keywords: building, character, christian obedience, christlike, commandments, commands, commitment, consistency, daiva hubbard, developing, devotion, discipline, do, doing, enoch, exercise, exercising, fear of god, foundation church, god's word, godliness, godly, legacy, lifestyle, lordship, love, obedience, obey, pleasing god, practice, relationship with god, respect, stafford va, virtue, walk with god, walking with god, what pleases god, growing in, legacy of godliness, reverential fear, godliness as a lifestyle, righteous works, definition of godliness, meaning of godliness, godliness explained, how to become godly, how to attain godliness, unto godliness, towards godliness, acceptable in god's sight, bodily exercise

Nov 18, 2018

Legacy of Love

Preacher: Pastor Gary D. Bailey

Keywords: command, commandment, despite, disciples, foundation church, gary d. bailey, godlike, hatred, how to, imitators of god, importance, jesus, jesús, john 3:16, john 3:16-17, know, leave, leaving, legacy, love, love like god, love like jesus, love your enemies, loving, pastor gary bailey, power, significance, stafford va, pray for, don't hate, new standard, be like god, my disciples, by this, love changes everything, love is stronger, more powerful, how people treat you, must love